by James Kamuye Kataru

I have been collaborating with Scientific Animations Without Borders (SAWBO) for close to three years, which I must say is the most fulfilling and exciting exercise for anyone who has a passion for healthy communities that are food secure, focused on development, and ready to embrace technological advancements to facilitate a holistic growth.

What makes SAWBO content exciting is the use of scientifically proven methods and practices found in the numerous, brief, and easy-to-understand animation videos which are also translated into many languages and dialects. Plus, SAWBO content is always free to use for educational purposes.

There are two main ways to access SAWBO animated videos. They are;

1.         through the VIDEO LIBRARY on the SAWBO website.

2.         by using the SAWBO 3GP video deployer App.

A SAWBO 3GP App installation advert. Image by Moseti

 Accessing the video library on the website

This can be referred to as the “traditional way” of accessing, downloading, watching, and sharing SAWBO content. It requires computer-proficient users with high-end smartphones that can access the internet to download the videos. This method can be difficult for those who have low-end smartphones or are not very familiar with navigating websites.

Using the SAWBO 3GP video deployer App

The SAWBO video deployer App is the most convenient way to access, download, watch and share animated videos from the library.  This 3GP App is compact and user-friendly. The simple functions allow a new user to navigate freely and master its use quickly. This App works on smartphones with lower screen resolution, low storage memory, and 3G networks. In summary, it’s meant for low-end smartphone users who are the majority in our communities.

Installing the App

The App can be installed in two ways:

  1. For smartphones with the operating system android 9 and below, use the installation file that can be shared via social media platforms.
  2.  For android 10 and above smartphones, install the App using the link  I recommend all users install and use the App to access, watch, and share SAWBO videos.

 What to master in the App

The SAWBO 3GP APP landing page shows basic functions. Image by Moseti.

When using the SAWBO deployer app, one needs to master the four major functions displayed on the home/landing page. This makes navigation very easy and enjoyable. The main functions are;

Video Library

This option links you to the SAWBO Video Library. You MUST be online to access the content.

My videos

This lists all videos you have downloaded from the online SAWBO Library to your phone. Once downloaded you can access them offline.

Share this App

This allows you to share the SAWBO App installation file with friends on your contact list via WhatsApp.

More functions

This takes you to a list of other SAWBO App functions including sharing the App installation URL, running surveys, and registering with your organization.

SAWBO has organized a number of webinars to further train users on how to install and use the App. In case you need a link to register and attend the sessions please contact me via email at or WhatsApp number +254 714 448 254

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