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Who We are.

Kataru Concepts is a content management, development and dissemination entity based in Kenya. Through blogging, training and sharing of digital content, Kataru Concepts uses its vast network of volunteers across Kenya, and Africa to educate local communities on basic processes in Agriculture, Health and Social Development.

With a vast network of volunteers created across Kenya and Africa, Kataru Concepts embraces professionals from diverse backgrounds to reach out and train local communities using SAWBO-Scientific Animations Without Borders content.

Coined from the word ‘THREE-3’, Kataru is a “trinity” for Agriculture, Health and Social Development that is steadily growing into a one-stop shop for digital content and solutions for use in Africa and beyond.

Started in 2013 as a campaign slogan for a political contest in a local election by James Kamuye, “Kataru Concepts” (which stood for three pillars  of development – Agriculture, Health & Social Development ) Kataru Concepts works directly with local communities to improve their practices in Agriculture, Health and Social Development.