Things fall apart.:By FeLady Miheso

Things fall apart.
The relationship between fish and water makes me believe betrayal is real when I see water participating in cooking fish.
I totally agree that politics is a dirty game. You don’t need to be dirty yourself but smart. I remember how we used to sing and dance to “bindu bhichenjanga” rhythms as we campaigned #Uhuruto tano tena and #Ndaaaaaaaaaaani hukooooooooo. Lol!

THE GAME PLAN: By FeLady Miheso


Every leader has his own ‘dogs’ that bark, if not bite, on his behalf. The dogs are usually not the think tanks and it will be a grievous political mistake to have one combine as both! Ruto’s, is a case study. With all his experience in politics, he lacked strategists who’d propel his political agenda but theirs. They majored in minor dramas and spitting venom here and there, intimidating the would be ‘votes’.

Political miscalculations: By FeLady Miheso.

Political miscalculations.

FeLady Miheso

The System of governance and voting patterns were the greatest beneficiaries of the changes in the 2010 constitution, since its inauguration. Kenya then had its first leadership under the new constitution in 2013 March. The ruling party was TNA where the president belonged, under the umbrella of Jubilee Alliance. ODM was the ‘ruling’ opposition, where the first runners up RAO belonged, under CORD as the coalition. (Up to here, if you know, you know.)
URP, didn’t have much stake of the presidency ownership.
In 2012, we had four coalitions which was allowed by law and registered by the registrar of political parties, to field a presidential candidate. This was aimed at reduction in the number of prospective candidates. The said coalitions were;

Matters leadership and governance: By FeLady Miheso.

Matters leadership and governance.

FeLady Miheso.

I read somewhere serious that blood group tells a lot about personalities. Blood group ‘O’ leadership was cited the oppressor type. Haha. I am interested in the personalities of TNC leaders. They seem to share the same blood group!? A leadership that, when it says ‘sit down’, you don’t even look for a chair! A leadership that makes you believe you’re the only confidant when told, “…….and don’t tell anyone else!”, yet several of you are spying on each other! Too sad.