A beautiful ‘grain seeded’ day in the farming village.

Bulechia village is located in East Wanga ward, Mumias East Constituency, Kakamega County of the republic of Kenya. This is a community with a large population of small-scale farmers relying on rain-fed agriculture. To reap maximum harvest from their crops and minimize losses, farmers have to adequately prepare for the long season with rains that begin in March and end in August, paving way for the short-season rains that start in September and end in December.

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Thrills of a bumper harvest and handling its hidden losses

Farmers from the western Kenya counties of Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia, Vihiga and the Nyanza region are celebrating a bumper harvest that’s been occasioned by sufficient rainfall, improved seed quality and county government subsidized farm inputs, including lower seed prices, lowered land tilling rates and better performing fertilizers. Most households are grappling with enough Maize and beans used to prepare two main and widely consumed local dishes known as Ugali and Githeri (a mixture of maize and beans). Besides the maize and beans, other crops that did well included sorghum, millet, cassava, arrow roots, bananas and all manner of vegetables.

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The A.N.C party leader Hon. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi.

There comes a time when a nation has to make the right political choices that’ll steer its growth into the ever competitive future. Any mistakes done at such crucial times lock up entire economies in stagnation, perpetuate plunder of public resources, give life to tribalism, and kill equity. Such ills are manifested by loss of jobs and income, an increase in poverty levels, and strife in all spheres of a once vibrant economy. Patriotic Kenyans need to consider a leadership that’ll steer the country away from such political mishaps.

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Sanitizing Jubilee party gave Dr Ruto a certificate of good health.

Dr. William Ruto with friendly elected leaders in a previous meeting after the “purge”.

In my previous publishing titled “Stop the purge Mr. President“, i dwelt on how the removal of DP Ruto leaning MP’s and Senators would impact negatively on the performance of the troubled jubilee party and government in the coming days. Today I wish to expound further on the effects of what seems a carefully planned and choreographed move by the President and his Deputy to hoodwink the opposition (ODM and Raila) into believing that the two (Presidency) holds no more, and so the current split is real, when its purely false.

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