Sanitizing Jubilee party gave Dr Ruto a certificate of good health.

Dr. William Ruto with friendly elected leaders in a previous meeting after the “purge”.

In my previous publishing titled “Stop the purge Mr. President“, i dwelt on how the removal of DP Ruto leaning MP’s and Senators would impact negatively on the performance of the troubled jubilee party and government in the coming days. Today I wish to expound further on the effects of what seems a carefully planned and choreographed move by the President and his Deputy to hoodwink the opposition (ODM and Raila) into believing that the two (Presidency) holds no more, and so the current split is real, when its purely false.

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With FCPA Fernandes Barasa, Agriculture can put more money in our pockets

Agriculture can put more money in our pockets.

Voters have always been abandoned after every election as winners take up their new offices, some in far fling Nairobi while other at the Kakamega county headquarters. Most of the promises made during electioneering period shelved and dreams of a brighter prosperous future abandoned as everybody goes back to their normal lives waiting for the next season.

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He grew KETRACO and so can grow Kakamega.

As CEO, KETRACO, he has overseen the construction and completion of 2400 km of high voltage transmission power lines (in 8 years) as compared to KPLC’s 3300 (in 55 years) since independence.

As the year 2022 closes in, the Kenyan political temperatures rise and contestants to various elective seats prepare to sink their big toe. Kakamega County is not left behind as voters ponder over who to replace outgoing governor FCPA Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya. Going by his performance record, there is a need to elect into office a governor rich in professional and natural traits to complete the good work he started. One candidate that stands out as the best is FCPA Fernandes Barasa.

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Things fall apart.:By FeLady Miheso

Things fall apart.
The relationship between fish and water makes me believe betrayal is real when I see water participating in cooking fish.
I totally agree that politics is a dirty game. You don’t need to be dirty yourself but smart. I remember how we used to sing and dance to “bindu bhichenjanga” rhythms as we campaigned #Uhuruto tano tena and #Ndaaaaaaaaaaani hukooooooooo. Lol!

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