The A.N.C party leader Hon. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi.

There comes a time when a nation has to make the right political choices that’ll steer its growth into the ever competitive future. Any mistakes done at such crucial times lock up entire economies in stagnation, perpetuate plunder of public resources, give life to tribalism, and kill equity. Such ills are manifested by loss of jobs and income, an increase in poverty levels, and strife in all spheres of a once vibrant economy. Patriotic Kenyans need to consider a leadership that’ll steer the country away from such political mishaps.

We can simply agree that nature has conspired against the current Jubilee government with calamities such as floods, locusts, and now the covid-19 epidermic which coupled with numerous failed government agenda that’s changed faces from God know what to “The Big Four Agenda” then quickly to “The Handshake” which birthed the “Building Bridges Initiative/BBI” used to settle political scores within the ruling Jubilee coalition and quickly morphed into “The government of national unity dream” which aborted at inception with an ever power hungry opposition (ODM) demanding for juicy slots in the shaky arrangement. In a nutshell, the Jubilee government has grappled with one bright idea to the next leaving a trail of unfulfilled or incomplete projects and shattered dreams.

Enter Musalia Mudavadi: In our current state of affairs, our great Nation requires a great brain that’ll bring together great men and women in one great government to turn around our great fortunes and grow our great economy. Hon. Musalia Mudavadi has stood out as a sober leader who hasn’t lost his cool in this tempest. We may not exhaust his economic knowledge, prowess, abilities etc as espoused in his performance as a long serving government minister, Deputy Prime minister, and as captured in his speeches and debates, which is public knowledge. We seek to remind honorable Kenyans that to regain our lost hope, we need Hon. Musalia Mudavadi to preside over this nation.

Bedroom iko locked (his backyard is locked): There has been pockets of controlled noises (coming from known quarters) about Hon. Musalia’s bedroom (Western region backyard) failing to unite. We want to assure Kenyans that Hon. Musalia’s priorities are not to “unite an already united region” but to unite the entire nation under good leadership. Its not in his mind to seek leadership of imaginary tribal fiefdoms as pushed for by elders such as COTU boss Francis Atwoli. Such games can only be entertained by experimenting juveniles that still don’t know how to mount political cows from the right direction.

Western Kenya has been awakened by the realization that successive governments have isolated the region and not factored its agricultural might especially the ailing sugar industry. Our leaders have been reduced by the current jubilee government to wielders of humongous begging bowls with piecemeal solutions to our regional economy. our people have been united by a need to unshackle from government neglect, hence the vibrancy and rise in political temperatures when other regions are silent. There is one mighty voice that’s speaking to the region’s conscience, and the message is for all aspiring leaders to work with Hon. Musalia Mudavadi or risk being swept into political oblivion by 2022. Ongoing activities at the Musalia Mudavadi Center are a clear indicator to the most urgent business that requires Hon. Musalia Mudavadi’s attention and energy in building workable coalitions with like minded leaders across the Nation. So far all sideshows from agents of strife in our region will be ignored with a “loud silence” they deserve.

Finally, the evil that’s been directed at the A.N.C, Ford Kenya and other parties by the ODM party need to be condemned in the strongest terms possible and its architects warned. If a party (ODM) whose leader has been known to “fight for democracy” can cunningly use youthful leaders from other parties to “sanitize” those he previously painted as corrupt, yet he has experienced senators who would have chaired such committees is pure malice. We all understand that political parties take time to grow and Nationalize. Some parties like O.D.M are over 20 years old but still grappling with handpicked tribal officials. Lets give our younger parties time to restructure and accommodate the views of Kenyans from all walks of life without propping false fires.