Sanitizing Jubilee party gave Dr Ruto a certificate of good health.

Dr. William Ruto with friendly elected leaders in a previous meeting after the “purge”.

In my previous publishing titled “Stop the purge Mr. President“, i dwelt on how the removal of DP Ruto leaning MP’s and Senators would impact negatively on the performance of the troubled jubilee party and government in the coming days. Today I wish to expound further on the effects of what seems a carefully planned and choreographed move by the President and his Deputy to hoodwink the opposition (ODM and Raila) into believing that the two (Presidency) holds no more, and so the current split is real, when its purely false.

Most Kenyans agree that the Jubilee party that formed the jubilee government after the 2017 elections has failed to live up to its political expectations. Most of its promises on the delivery card never took off or just aborted mid-air causing the leadership serious public trust and goodwill. Kenyans also agree that the presidency has been pulling in different directions hence making it increasingly difficult to achieve government agenda like the Big four and others. This has caused the president to walk from one dream to the next in desperation attempting to reinvent the magic and allure his government shone with at infancy.

All said and done, there remains one question that begs our fair answers, and that is “if the handshake and entry of Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga punctured the little trust amidst the presidency, or it was a decoy used to de-link Dr. Ruto from the failures of the outgoing Jubilee administration and give him legal grounds from which to launch his own 2022 presidential campaign without being burdened with the failures of his former administration. Did Hon. Raila Odinga unknowingly swallow bait by the handshake and allowed a carefully planned ploy to swing into motion?

Enter Jubilee Asili party: An illustration image of the expected Jubilee Asili party.

After the de-whipping of DR. Ruto’s allies from key committees in both houses, the silence that followed from the DP himself was a loud proclamation of very deep and underground strategic moves that would place him and his lieutenants in a “safe boat” from which to complete their political journey. Most pundits went out blasting the DP for keeping his cool while his army was being annihilated. Most demanded for him to fight back, protect his proteges, at least say something, but the DP kept his cool only to resurface yesterday with a strategic meeting with his trusted lieutenants, and a possible vehicle/party for his 2022 ambition.

Yesterdays open and bold meeting by Dr. Ruto proved that all along, there have been serious plans and strategizing for the 2022 race. Whether he chooses to use the much hyped Jubilee Asili Party or a different one all together, one thing that very clear is that Dr. Ruto will soon draw lots of attention from the political world. He will draw lots of admiration from the “militant Kenyans” tired of the status quo and yearning for change. Dr. Ruto will soon be a celebrity of sorts amidst the disillusioned youth who yearning for economic freedom from the older generation clinging to power. Whatever vehicle Dr. Ruto chooses to use in his quest for office be it Presidency or Premiership, most parties and coalitions including Raila Odinga’s ODM party will wish and pray he comes their way to increase their chances of winning the 2022 election.

In summary, the purge has basically given Dr. Ruto and company a new lease of life, freedom to choose who to associate with, sufficient time to repackage for 2022, and a break from all the failures of the jubilee government.

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