With FCPA Fernandes Barasa, Agriculture can put more money in our pockets

Agriculture can put more money in our pockets.

Voters have always been abandoned after every election as winners take up their new offices, some in far fling Nairobi while other at the Kakamega county headquarters. Most of the promises made during electioneering period shelved and dreams of a brighter prosperous future abandoned as everybody goes back to their normal lives waiting for the next season.

At such times, brilliantly done manifestos shouldn’t be shelved but implemented to the letter. As we know, any project that departs from it’s blue print doesn’t achieve initial intention. That’s why Kakamega county voters should take very keen interest in who they vote in as their next Governor.

In my honest opinion, we need a youthful, vibrant, well educated, well experienced governor. Somebody   voters can engage directly. A leader that can work towards putting more money in hard working voters pockets hence increasing their income.

Being a largely agricultural county, with two rain seasons, fertile soils, and ability to support a variety of agricultural practices, Kakamega county requires a governor that’ll prioritize Agribusiness as the next frontier in alleviating poverty.

Outgoing governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya has laid an elaborate structure for an Agribusiness success. Right from providing subsidised fertilizer, maize seed, farm preparation services, and other extension services in the dairy sector such as AI, there needs to be a continuity and improvement on the existing.

Most countyzens concur that one FCPA Fernandes Barasa can be trusted to take over from the outgoing governor and grow our great county to enviable levels. But what exactly gives them the confidence and belief in Fernandes Barasa?. Following are sufficient reasons.

1. Fernandes Barasa will improve cane farming: Being a son to a cane farmer from Ekhabondi village between Khaunga and Malaha markets in Mumias East constituency, FCPA Fernandes Barasa is a direct beneficiary of cane farming proceeds. Right from his upbringing and education, Barasa’s life, home and neighborhood has changed because of cane farming. In essence, he’s a leader that understands the woes cane farmers in Kakamega county experience. He can ably handle exploitation by middlemen, cane millers, illegal sugar imports, and other challenges to return sugar cane farming to it’s former glory.

2. Barasa can improve Dairy farming: Most Kakamega county famers are confident that Fernandes Barasa shall improve their dairy farming. Farmers agree that the 50,000 liters per day capacity milk plant in Malava shall need a steady supply of milk from the county. They also appreciate governor Oparanya’s administration for heavily investing in exotic dairy cattle and AI seed. However, dairy famers insist more has to be done for our county to be “milk sufficient”, which requires a person of Fernandes’ caliber. 

Right from quality AI seed, famers believe Barasa can avail “sexed seed” that’ll produce high milk and beef yielding breeds like Fleckvieh to open another frontier for beef products.

3. Commercialise poultry farming: Chicken are a symbol of Luhya pride. But also chicken can be commercialised to earn Kakamega countyzens income and improve livelihoods.

Most poultry famers are hopeful that Fernandes Barasa will improve their poultry practices and help increase their flock and income. They believe this is possible through the county ministry of Agriculture and other development partners.

4. The re-invigoration of Horticulture: The population of Kakamega county has increased drastically. Several institutions have brought to our land people from diverse cultures and dietary needs, hence the need for certain high earning horticultural crops like tulips, cauliflower, cucumber, beet root, etc.

Using the chicken droppings and manure collected from dairy units, famers trust Barasa to help them access best horticultural crop seeds, practices, local and external markets for their produce from his expansive links and networks.

5. A Flour and animal feeds factory: Northern Kakamega (Malava, Lugari, Likuyani) produces lots of maize which can be used to produce Maize flour and a variety of animal feeds which will reduce our dairy and poultry running expenses. This will also give maize famers a ready market for their produce, and provide employment to the countyzens.

6. Small scale famers: suggest the availing of other farming practices like mushroom farming, production of earth worms, cricket farming, bee keeping, aquaculture etc.

Basically, being youthful, highly exposed, extensively networked, farming enthusiasts are hopeful that FCPA Fernandes Barasa will facilitate the creation of more opportunities that’ll direct impact their financial lives positively