He grew KETRACO and so can grow Kakamega.

As CEO, KETRACO, he has overseen the construction and completion of 2400 km of high voltage transmission power lines (in 8 years) as compared to KPLC’s 3300 (in 55 years) since independence.

As the year 2022 closes in, the Kenyan political temperatures rise and contestants to various elective seats prepare to sink their big toe. Kakamega County is not left behind as voters ponder over who to replace outgoing governor FCPA Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya. Going by his performance record, there is a need to elect into office a governor rich in professional and natural traits to complete the good work he started. One candidate that stands out as the best is FCPA Fernandes Barasa.

Going round Kakamega County reveals a number of newly launched, ongoing, and completed projects done by governor FCPA Oparanya’s administration. Right from tarmacked roads, expanded and well done murram roads, modern market structures, hospitals, health centers, schools, tertiary institutions, and even vibrant agriculture emanating from subsidized inputs right from ploughing, seed and fertilizer. Outgoing governor FCPA Wycliffe Oparanya’s story is one of success in laying down elaborate structures and a foundation that a like-minded heir can build on without interrupting or stagnating development.

 Basing on the visible and quantifiable projects mentioned above, residents of Kakamega county agree that the next county CEO should be one that has had prior experience in similar position, one with proven development record, and finally, one picked from the corporate world but not our politicking usual suspects who think by handling 100 million annually in NG-CDF as a vital qualification to becoming a county chief. When pushed further, Kakamega county residents reveal they believe one FCPA Fernandes Barasa, KETRACO CEO doesn’t only qualify for being an FCPA like outgoing governor Oparanya, but his current record speaks volumes and stands out.

To get an insight, into who FCPA Fernandes Barasa is, the following summary qualified the thoughts of the majority voters that indeed the soft spoken gentleman with a booklet of a CV is fit to govern Kakamega county because;

As CEO KETRACO, FCPA Fernandes controls a government parastatal that has national interests and a budget of over Ksh 40 billion and growing annually as compared to Kakamega County’s Ksh. 10-15 billion. Sincerely, this is a CEO that can be trusted with our county resources, development blue print and future.

After an exemplary first term at KETRACO, FCPA Fernandes was trusted by the board and appointing authority to serve for a second term (current) in order to complete the good work he started in his first term.

Having served KETRACO for over 10 years, FCPA Fernandes Barasa earned the trust of Kenya’s development partners and multilateral donors such as The World bank, European Union, Africa Development Bank, JICA, French development Agency, and EXIM bank of China, who financed, audited and closely monitored the progress of these projects and finances.

Having steered KETRACO into playing a significant role towards Kenya achieving universal access to clean renewable and environmentally friendly energy at reduced costs.

We affirm that KETRACO is playing its primary role in achieving government policy of 100% renewable energy by 2022 as stipulated in the big four agenda, actualizing vision 2030.

As CEO, KETRACO, he has overseen the construction and completion of 2400 km of high voltage transmission power lines (in 8 years) as compared to KPLC’s 3300 (in 55 years) since independence.

To further confirm why FCPA Fernandes Barasa is considered the most qualified and experienced to develop Kakamega County, we wish to outline the following additional projects he oversaw at KETRACO….


2017: Oversaw the construction and completion of a 400kv 482 km line that stabilized power in Mombasa and Nairobi.

2017: Oversaw the construction and completion of a 400kv 100 km Suswa-Isinya line that facilitated geothermal power from olkaria to Nairobi through Isinya and to Mombasa through rabai. 

2018: Oversaw the construction, completion and commissioning of Africa’s largest wind power generation station at Lake Turkana. The station generates 310 megawatts of wind power amounting to 15% of the installed power Nationally.

Lake Turkana Wind Power Project executive director Rizwan Fazal with Ketraco MD Fernandes Barasa during a press conference on the Loiyangalani -Suswa transmission line. /Monicah Mwangi

Oversaw the construction and completion of a 400kv, 435km Loyiangalani-Suswa line. This line traverses 7 counties right from Marsabit to Kajiado through Samburu, Lailkipia, Nyandarua, Nakuru and Narok counties. The line curries  310 megawatts of wind power from lake Turkana.

This renewable energy line saves the nation over Ksh 10 billion on FCC (fuel cost charge) causing a reduction in power bills.


Under Fernandes Barasa’s leadership, KETRACO is constructing the Ethiopia-Kenya (Eastern Electricity Highway project) with a capacity of 500Hvdc, 620km hydroelectric power from the Ethiopia border to Suswa. This line is to be completed by end of 2020.

This project has enhanced Kenya’s position in regional power trade as the line supplies power to the national grid connecting East and Central Africa (EAC) nations like Tanzania, Rwanda Burundi Zambia etc.

By end of 2020, KETRACO shall have completed the construction of a 400kva 301km Olkaria-Lesos line that facilitates geothermal power to Kisumu and Kakamega to service the growing economy.


To enhance faster, secure, stable and reliable data transfer, KETRACO under the leadership of FCPA Fernandes Barasa has constructed fiber optic cable lines on all high voltage power lines. In conjunction with Telecommunication service providers, KETRACO has stabilized 4G internet connectivity across the country fulfilling the national policy on faster internet connectivity by 2022 which has boosted our economy.

Fiber optic cables mounted on all ketraco high voltage power lines to enhance internet data transfer.

In a nutshell, as Kenya’s present day longest serving CEO, FCPA Fernandes Barasa has grown the 11 year old and Ksh. 200 billion worth parastatal to the level of older big boys such as KPLC, KENGEN, KPLC.  This is a mean feat only achieved by agility to form strong networks, knack for professionalism, and unrivalled management prowess…all fertile ingredients of the next county chief, Kakamega County.