Things fall apart.:By FeLady Miheso

Things fall apart.
The relationship between fish and water makes me believe betrayal is real when I see water participating in cooking fish.
I totally agree that politics is a dirty game. You don’t need to be dirty yourself but smart. I remember how we used to sing and dance to “bindu bhichenjanga” rhythms as we campaigned #Uhuruto tano tena and #Ndaaaaaaaaaaani hukooooooooo. Lol!

Little did we know that things would change in our own backyard! (bindu bhichenjile). Now, there’s no difference between having and having not. Covid19 has equalized and normalized us.
The war is far from over as hinted by the recently appointed senate majority leader. LOYALTY is the key word here, and the only option. Deputy party leader, Jubilee, I will tell you what others fear telling you, Go back to the drawing board. There has to be a way out!