THE GAME PLAN: By FeLady Miheso


Every leader has his own ‘dogs’ that bark, if not bite, on his behalf. The dogs are usually not the think tanks and it will be a grievous political mistake to have one combine as both! Ruto’s, is a case study. With all his experience in politics, he lacked strategists who’d propel his political agenda but theirs. They majored in minor dramas and spitting venom here and there, intimidating the would be ‘votes’.

That aside. What’s happening now is total blackmail, which is part of politics, but, he can overcome. We have a pending ‘war’ tool, BBI. Let Ruto look at it keenly and claim a Post. I’d advise the PM post. This means he must support and propel it’s realization. #tukopamoja?

The ‘system’ (whatever you understand by this, I don’t care), understands Ruto like the palm of their hands. Let him now change tactic. It includes complete overhaul of the inner circle. Lastly, in politics anything is possible. There is no manual with outlined guidelines. Am seeing a scenario where Ruto will make a declaration ‘Mudavadi for president’. Team Ruto, be open minded. Do not burn bridges with every imagined of real enemies. Siasa ni hesabu.