Stop the purge Mr. President.

Stop the purge Mr. President.

Is the president angry?: Watching the President of late reveals, a man who might be angry at things not working out as expected. President Uhuru Kenyatta has tried for 8 years to believe that his deputy was pushing his Jubilee government agenda yet it appears Dr. Ruto has been using his time and office to advance his 2022 ambitions hence not delivering on the president’s agenda.

Brand ambassador: Just like I said some time back in early 2018, DP Ruto needed to make himself the President’s agenda “brand ambassador.” The Dr. Ruto should haven taken up the sole responsibility of ensuring the Jubilee government delivered on its agenda without fail. But as we speak, the president’s “big four agenda” is an abandoned mirage. The much hyped handshake rejected by Dr. Ruto’s allies and used by Hon. Raila Odinga’s proteges to settle 2013-2017 political quarrels with their jubilee competitors.

BBI has lost its allure: Another one of President Uhuru-Raila Odinga’s ‘handshake product’ is the Building Bridges Initiative meant to unite Kenyans but has seriously polarized the country. Were it not the intervention of natural calamities like the Covid-19 pandemic, the locust invasion and their economic ramifications, which slowed down our political pace and lowered temperatures, nobody can ably predict whether Kenya would still be peaceful.

DP Ruto deserves the wrath: Going back to where the Rain started beating Kenyans, you’ll realize that it’s in DP William Ruto’s own making that so much bile is being shoved his way. Were the DP to to stick to serving his boss and driving his agenda things would have been different. In fact he couldn’t have wasted time to campaign for presidency in 2022.

Enter Paris the archer: In the battle of Troy, the legend Achilles is said to have been shot on his “heel” by Paris, the renown Trojan archer causing his death, the fall of Troy, and end of an illustrious warrior life.

On the Kenyan scene, we can liken Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga to Paris the archer, his handshake as the Trojan horse used by soldiers to enter the gates of Troy (jubilee) and incidentally, President Uhuru Kenyatta as mighty Achilles, defender of the city whose “Achilles heels” are the war against his Deputy through the ongoing purges in government and assemblies. Be sure that Troy shall fall.

Presently we seem to behave a disillusioned president who has realized time is up yet he’s done very little for the country that elected him into office. We also seem to have a deputy who took the opportunity of a first term (2013-2017) to build himself a magnanimous 2017 presidential arsenal. The two appear to be pulling in different directions with very noisy cheering squads in tow.

The president might be wishing time was extended for him to accomplish a few more goals, while the DP appears to be praying for time to fly by and save him the wrath of a determined Raila Odinga inspired gang of bandits both in government and the defunct opposition.

Kenyans can only pray: Meanwhile, Kenya is divided, confused, at crossroads, not knowing which of the two leaders means well. The country is subdued and overwhelmed by a number of challenges and pandemics that only God can rescue us from.

Locusts are eating everything that’s green, the covid-19 pandemic is ravaging both young and old, rich and poor, dynasty and commoners. The economy is crumbling. Businesses are closing. Jobs are being lost. Threats of insecurity and lawlessness are alive and only a matter of when but not why. Virtually everything seems to be grinding to a halt.

National Assembly should rise above partisan interests: Choosing to score political goals at a time of calamity isn’t morally healthy. Getting drunk with power that can only be used to fix opponents but not handle natural calamities is basically abnormal. As the national assembly prepares to extend the purge that was started by the senate, Kenyans should remember the first words of our National anthem that says “Oh God of all creations, bless this our land and Nation, Justice be our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty, plenty be found within our borders.”

Can our National Assembly stop this madness and get our national priorities right?.

The writer is a Computer Systems Analyst and Webmaster, member of the UK Association of Computer Professionals (A.C.P London), Member of the Computer Society of Kenya (C.S.K), member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (B.A.K.E) and County deputy Chair(strategy), Jubilee Party of Kenya, Kakamega county.