Political miscalculations: By FeLady Miheso.

Political miscalculations.

FeLady Miheso

The System of governance and voting patterns were the greatest beneficiaries of the changes in the 2010 constitution, since its inauguration. Kenya then had its first leadership under the new constitution in 2013 March. The ruling party was TNA where the president belonged, under the umbrella of Jubilee Alliance. ODM was the ‘ruling’ opposition, where the first runners up RAO belonged, under CORD as the coalition. (Up to here, if you know, you know.)
URP, didn’t have much stake of the presidency ownership.
In 2012, we had four coalitions which was allowed by law and registered by the registrar of political parties, to field a presidential candidate. This was aimed at reduction in the number of prospective candidates. The said coalitions were;

  1. CORD-ODM, Wiper, FK, and Federal Party.
  2. Jubilee-TNA, URP and UDF. UDF later left.
  3. EAGLE-KNC and POA
  4. PAMBAZUKA-NFK, FPK, KADDU and National Vision. This coalition collapsed on 29th of Dec.
  5. Amani- UDF, NFK and KANU.
    Power is sweet, more so at presidency. Ruto decided to dissolve URP and also swallow other smaller parties to form one Grand party. He might have seen bright light at the end of a tunnel, no problem. That’s how Jubilee Party of Kenya was born on 8th Sept 2016. (#NB/Jubilee of 2013 is not the same as Jubilee of 2017).
    Cord, which evolved from Pentagon then to NASA, never dissolved their parties to date. Coalitions are circumstantial and for convenience, as long as the prevailing need stands. Amani coalition is the present ANC. You now know why Kanu and Nfk work closely with Musalia. If Jubilee were still an Alliance, we wouldn’t have more casualties. Inauma. Ruto failed to see beyond or he under rated the possible outcomes. His assumption, of, if everything remains as constant as between 2013-2017, was not scientific based. I have always said what Ruto needed most since the handshake time was the Board room and not rallies. And this remains the only option now, Ruto must go back to the drawing board like yesterday.
    Signed Felady Miheso