Matters leadership and governance: By FeLady Miheso.

Matters leadership and governance.

FeLady Miheso.

I read somewhere serious that blood group tells a lot about personalities. Blood group ‘O’ leadership was cited the oppressor type. Haha. I am interested in the personalities of TNC leaders. They seem to share the same blood group!? A leadership that, when it says ‘sit down’, you don’t even look for a chair! A leadership that makes you believe you’re the only confidant when told, “…….and don’t tell anyone else!”, yet several of you are spying on each other! Too sad.

But, considering the relationship between water and fish, I believe betrayal is real when I see water participate in boiling the fish.
I’ll handle a specific group today(very vulnerable and mostly targeted by politicians and leaders), who’ve been duped, to nail my situation analysis; #BODABODA. They’re majorly youths and many in number. Statistics have revealed that 1 out of every 5 homes has a boda operator. Boda industry therefore has a large surface area to volume ratio in this county! While 1 police officer serves 600 kenyans, TNC has 1 boda serving 250 people. It’s this shocking! You can do your maths and tell the % of boda operators of the total population in TNC! Census figures 2019 should guide you. This should be a wake up call for our authorities to begin planning process for it’s people.

Boda, as a business venture in transport industry, is easy to penetrate as it doesn’t require the TNSA and Traffic stringent measures. Why this porosity, we are yet to be enlightened by relevant authorities. This has attracted many goons, murderers, robbers, rapists, thugs, name them, who camouflage as boda operators, yet…(I still remember what happened to boda Chapo-rip, at mitume, few years ago) and the recent murder of one of their own, during demonstration!
Where did the #BodabodaSacco go to? Your leadership is a scam if it can’t answer this question. This is where you should be redirecting your energies for socioeconomic sustainability. Why lady bodabodas didn’t survive in this industry, is a discussion for another day! Iko shida mahali.

Despite some positive impacts you made to our economy, we still need you to do more. You’re our children, husbands, fathers, brothers, cousins, friends, neighbours, mentors??? I don’t know. We want to see you engage in public participation of important policies, participate in marking important World and International days like, world aids day, world teeth brushing day, environmental and forest days, day of the african child, education day, reproductive day, mothers and women days, etc. We want to see bodaboda on the frontline, waging war against FGM and GBV. We wanna see you clean-up our town and participate in observing traffic rules! To name but just afew. These are matters of public interests and social cohesion. You’re not above every other individual in TNC, don’t be lied to.

And, to our authorities and leaders, we’re watching, cease from misusing and abusing these vulnerable creatures for your selfish interests. This has brought bad blood and mustrust amongst ourselves and even scared away serious investors! We may be forced to test our leaders and aspirants blood groups before we decide on them in 2022!
Together, we can make TNC great!




Signed Felady.