Kakamega County governance should be an F.C.P.A affair.

FCPA Fernandes Barasa can grow FCPA Wycliffe Oparanya’s legacy.

Kakamega county has for long been hailed as one lucky county to have elected the greatest planner at National level into Governorship, a planner who has set an enviable record and standards in both structural development and recurrent expenditure. For that we hail outgoing governor FCPA Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya for a great work done and pray that God gives countyzens wisdom as they search for the most appropriate replacement.

But first of all, what makes governor Oparanya stand out as the best across the country?.

Could the FCPA tag have the magic so that voters look for the next FCPA (one Fernandes Barasa) to grow his legacy?.

Could his stint at the National level as Minister Planning and National Development have put him on a pedestal to higher ground so that Kakamegans search for the next explicit performer (KETRACO CEO Fernandes Barasa) on the National stage to take our county to the next level?

Let’s try to identify glaring similarities between FCPA Oparanya and FCPA Barasa that make the later a perfect replacement of the former as the next CEO Kakamega county.

ICPAK membership: Both governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya and KETRACO CEO Fernandes Barasa are members of the prestigious Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. (a body whose some responsibility is to advise the CS treasury on matter’s public finance and management).

FCPA Fernandes Barasa rose to board member in 2012, got elected board chair in 2014, and proceeding to becoming the 21st National Chairman in 2015-2017.

Just like FCPA Oparanya who has left enviable records wherever he’s been, FCPA Barasa left remarkable footprints at ICPAK, memorable of which include;

  • Midwifing a smooth transition from defunct municipal councils to counties on matters public finance and administration after the introduction of county governance.
  • At ICPAK, FCPA Fernandes Barasa covered the following milestones placing hims strategically at the center of professional accounting and public finance management and administration.
  • 2012: Was overwhelmingly elected to ICPAK council as a member.

2014-Overwhelmingly elected as National Vice Chair, and Chair to the prestigious Finance and Strategy Committee. As the brainchild behind the ultra modern ICPAK center, Fernandes presided over a memorable ground breaking ceremony leading to the construction of the center.

2015-Overwhelmingly elected National Chair for a two (2) year term.As National Chair, FCPA Fernandes Barasa oversaw the construction and commissioning of the ICPAK centre. This not only gave the prestigious Institute a home but a source of revenue where 70% is leased out.

For the love of getting services closer to the people, morose the love of developing his home county, and a significant celebration for being first National Chairman from Kakamega county, FCPA Fernandes Barasa brought the institute’s third active branch in Western Kenya, Kakamega town after Mombasa and Kisumu branches.

During his tenure, chairman Fernandes Barasa introduced E-learning at the institute to de-congest and make learning easy, increase the number of accounting professionals and grew the institute’s membership from 9000 to 20000.

These and more are indicators to a distinguished FCPA Fernandes Barasa that can be trusted to complete the good work started by a fellow outstanding FCPA Oparanya. Take note that today we’ve only dwelt on Fernandes Barasa’s FCPA credentials and exploits at ICPAK, and are yet to exhaustively look at his performance as KETRACO CEO, one of Kenya’s present day prestigious electric power companies.

In conclusion, we confirm that residents of Kakamega county aught to start considering FCPA Fernandes Barasa ripe to take their great county to the next level of development.

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