Kassim Were: Driving the county Industrial Agenda.

Kassim Were. Trade Tourism and Industry CEC. County government of Kakamega.

Several questions have been raised by kakamega countyzens over a perceived delay in the county’s industrial agenda as outlined by governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya when he first took over as governor.

That prompted the blog to seek clarification on the position of the said projects from the CECM in-charge, Trade Tourism and Industry Mr. Kassim Were who has been in office since march 2018 and presided over the governors agenda for the ministry, where had the following to say;

“Our Industrial Agenda is on course after winning first prize nationally as a county that interpreted well the BIG 4 Agenda. We are developing industries in line with the CIDP, Governors manifesto to develop industries in the county notably Jua Kali centers in each sub-county that will revolutionalize industrial growth and at the same time training people on cottage industries through the One Village One Product (OVOP) initiative”.

Targeted Industrial projects

CECM Kassim Were further noted that the following steps have been taken by the county government of Kakamega through this ministry towards an industrialized county where several jobs will be created for the locals, markets for farmers produce, and opportunities for our communities.

MSC Revival- The revival of Mumias Sugar Company was given priority with the ethanol plant roaring back to life a few weeks ago. The next efforts are geared towards sugar production expected to happen in 2 months time. If the rigorous schedule put in place is followed without stop gaps, the miller can fully recover in in one year.

Mung’ang’a Waste to Power plant project- This power plant is expected to generate power that can be fed to the national grid or used locally from waste collected across the county. based at Emanyasa village of Mung’ang’a, the plant’s inception activities were completed with an investor is expected on the ground by the second quarter of the year 2020 to commence construction.

Dairy processing plant in malava Sub county: The county government of kakamega is setting up a 50,000 litre per day processing plant in malava sub county. So far, there’s much progress on sight with back-filling done and the plant is expected to be completed in 52 weeks. This plant shall boost our dairy farmers by providing a ready market for their milk and improve earning by venturing into product value addition.

Tea processing: A tea processing plant in Shinyalu Sub-county next to the famous kakamega rain forest and the former nyayo tea zones is in the offing. So far procurement of the contractor to construct super structure which is expected to be launched in a months time is underway.

Industrial park: There shall be an industrial park in matawa mumias region where surveying and valuation of additional 151 acres of land has been successfully completed. Soon the county government is to commence infrastructure development since the master plan is ready with a write up available.

Maize milling: The feasibility designs and administration block for a maize milling plant in northern parts of the county (lugari and Likuyani) are complete and ready. The next step in a months time will be the sourcing for contractor(s) to begin construction of the last and final phase of the maize mill plant.

Cottage industries: Other cottage industries pushed by the county government include banana, fish, animal feeds processing, honey and silk all to be operational as development, support and trading partners have been identified under the AGOA program.

According to governor Oparanya, these cottage industries shall spur an economical growth and increase the earning power of the countizens who incidentally produce over 90% of the raw materials required. The county government has also commenced the construction of Jua Kali centers in Malava, Navakholo and Mumias West sub counties. plans are underway to acquire land in the remaining sub counties and complete the construction by 2021.

The Implementation of One Village One Product (OVOP) concept where the Sub County is a village unit hence dividing kakamega county into 12 villages is one major dream for the renown planner that governor Oparanya is, confides waziri Kassim Were whose main mandate is to implement this dream and see the county boss walk transform the lives of his people.

Other developments.

Other areas that governor Oparanya has indulged county resources include commercialization of tourism where guide and heritage sites have been gazetted, the fencing of Kakamega forest to begin April 2020, development of the crying stone heritage site with an additional 11 acres whose designs and master plans have been completed. The county has further expedited plans for development of a snake park and animal orphanage being designed in conjunction with the KWS.

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