Mumias sugar company isn’t dead after all. Not when the youthful, vibrant, knowledgeable, futuristic waziri Kassim Were is in-charge of Trade, Industrialisation and tourism and one Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya is in charge at the county government of kakamega.

The six year old plant at the miller that ground to a halt six months ago has roared back to life and resumed operations. According to governor Wycliffe Oparanya, the first step towards reviving the sugar factory has just been taken. The governor said this after powering on the ethanol plant and bringing hope to the region’s cane farmers who now have a ready market for their cane produce.

In a drive to have more cane for the miller expected to resume sugar production in the near future, governor Oparanya’s government through the ministry of agriculture, and the ministry of trade industrialisation and tourism has embarked on a campaign to mobilise more farmers to go back to growing cane. Waziri Kassim Were confirms that these efforts can be seen at the company’s nucleus farms where cane farming has resumed.

As chair to the county task force on revival of Mumias sugar, waziri Kassim Were confirms that the governor will stop at nothing to return the miller to its past glory. On behalf of governor Oparanya he thanked Busia sugar and Butali sugar factories for supplying the raw material for the Mumias sugar ethanol plant free of charge. Waziri Kassim Were reiterates the governor’s words that the miller may go as far as Uganda to buy cane for milling if the locals wont supply enough from their farms. “As a local boy, son to a peasant farmer, and direct beneficiary of cane proceeds, I dream of the day our farmers would go back to growing more cane and collecting maximum pay for their deliveries”, says waziri Kassim Were.

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