As a Jubilee Party stakeholder.

I want to register my personal disgust and my fellow jubilee party 2017 activists who were united by merging our 2013 vehicles because we so much loved President Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy Dr. William Samoei Ruto, and what our great party stood for prior to the 2017 electioneering.

Indeed as party volunteers, we sank our time, monies, and other resources in popularizing our great party which by then stood for values we believed in. As Secretary General to one forgotten activist machine famously referred to in western Kenya as “THE VOTERS FORUM” we worked the political hearts, minds and passions of voters in Kakamega, Bungoma, Busia, Vihiga and Tranzoia counties. We stuck out our necks in the most hostile and politically charged, opposition controlled region. We barely escaped with our lives in a quest to seek votes for our party’s Presidential candidate, his running mate, our gubernatorial, Senatorial, Parliamentary and member of county assembly candidates. We stood up to scorn, insults, hatred, and all forms of political animosity just because we believed in a course.

The Jubilee Fallacy.

Three years down the line, I write to register my disappointment and over 12,000 (twelve thousand) volunteers we worked with alongside the Jubilee party machinery to deliver the seats we got in western region. Much has happened to get us to our current state, but i wish on behalf of my comrades in the jubilee fallacy to highlight a few.

We are a disillusioned lot.

Our once great party promised us an all inclusive government, economic progress, opportunities for all, and several other goodies. We can faithfully report that once the president was sworn in, the existence of western region was completely forgotten. The few ambassadorial jobs, PS appointments, and other high profile jobs held by our sons were snatched and taken elsewhere. Our region’s needs were relegated to the Deputy Presidents office, which didn’t have much to offer because it was also grappling with the insatiable hunger for opportunities to satisfy the expansive rift valley and its extensions.

To this we can conclusively report that the Jubilee government played us. A whole region was relegated to “beggars” for government services and opportunities other than the promised “takers” as hyped during the campaign period. As evidenced in the 2017 cabinet selection which had just two ministers from the region where one was dropped in a mini shuffle.

Our collapsed Industries were left in ICU.

During the campaign period, the president and his deputy used to visit the ailing but now collapsed Mumias Sugar and promise how it would be their priority when they get elected. Ranging from very little government aid to pay farmers and help revive the miller during the period of politically charged and hyped bailouts, little has been accomplished on the ground to save the miller until it was put under receivership by K.C.B.

Efforts by the county government of Kakamega may bear fruits if the national government implements the Sugar task-force report findings in collaboration with the receiver manager.

Most promises weren’t delivered.

Right from the laptops for all primary school going kids, which turned to tablets was a big scam that failed to take off. Apart from a few public relations gimmicks, the project ground to a halt with no serious explanation. Then came the promise for modern times stadia and sports complexes in most upmarket towns to facilitate growth of sporting talent amidst our desperate youth. At this point, no single stadium has been build by the national government. The few that exist have been done by county governments. A good example is the Bukhungu Sports Complex in kakamega town build by county government of kakamega under governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya.

The Big 4 Agenda has lost track.

Then came another invention called “THE BIG FOUR AGENDA” whose origin, progress and future cannot be quantified. It turned out to be another hot gas bag that exploded into the launching of non existence projects by our once loved Jubilee government. Word has it that this was carefully crafted to serve as a political diversion of the citizens interest from the actual rampant corruption and failure to deliver by national government. It was meant to give false hope to the deranged voters. In real sense, very little has been accomplished on the big four agenda manifest.

The BBI Debate is turning into a scam.

After numerous hiccups in the Big Four Agenda, there came the handshake between president Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga. The act was timely, and morally good for Kenya because the peace that emanated facilitated an environment in which growth would have been realized. The recommendations from a national dialogue which is yet to start officially were overtaken by self interest politicians most of who are serving their last constitutional terms and are scared of retiring. These leaders want to create a third tier in government by introducing “Majimbo” or regional governments, which the country has been avoiding since independence, and for a good reason.

Instead of building bridges and uniting Kenyans, the BBI politicking is polarizing the country. All of a sudden, Kenyans have become so much conscious of their tribal dynamics and which other tribe to unite with to form a regional/federal/majimbo government. Tribal leaders are already drawing imaginary boundaries and dreaming of how magnificent and expansive their expected fiefdoms would be. They are imagining how to position themselves to perpetuate their illegal wealth and opulence.

There was a good reasons why our nations founding fathers did away with majimbo/federal governments. There is a perfect reason why present day kenyas have accepted counties, which must be strengthened but not watered down by self seeking mean Kenyan leaders whose time to serve is about to elapse. Observing the law, and moral compass is of much importance to all Kenyans. At this point in our politics, it will be patriotic to give space and allow others a chance to lead because there in no single human being that can claim ownership to the magic needed to grow our nation.

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